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   Top Chef S08E07 Restaurant Wars One Night Only HDTV XviD-MOMENTUM



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[#151826] Written by: OuZi [27/01/11, 04:23]
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a week late and already have it (thank you isohunt) but i guess it’s the thought that counts, but i still
love you eztv. speaking of top chef's you should really add "anthony bourdains: no reservation" to the
show list, and if you need the episodes hosted i’m only 4 episodes away from having every episode of
his show collected. pm me if the eztv admins want them take care =)
[#151828] Written by: kimiep [27/01/11, 05:22]
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ouzi, did you find this weeks episode?
[#151831] Written by: elrock [27/01/11, 07:59]
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Quote by kimiep
ouzi, did you find this weeks episode?

it hasn't turned up at any of the usual suspects (torrent sites) yet, but perhaps eztv will add it later today.
one can hope...
[#151835] Written by: kimiep [27/01/11, 10:18]
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thanks elrock.
i'll try to be patient...
[#151838] Written by: cubivore [27/01/11, 11:12]
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yeah, totally puzzled why top chef and no reservations never make it on here!

and just to triple confirm for everyone, this is last weeks restaurant warz ep. thanks for finally
getting it on here, though!
[#151841] Written by: elrock [27/01/11, 12:15]
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it looks like there's no new episode this week -- nothing listed on the bravo tv website or on wikipedia
(which is usually updated as soon as a new episode airs).
[#151842] Written by: Ralphroberts [27/01/11, 12:33]
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on tv.com it says that the next ep. is on the 2nd feb... so you'll have to wait 'till next week
guys... sorry...
[#151850] Written by: kimiep [27/01/11, 15:26]
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you're totally right, i should've checked that before i started whining.

thanks for the info!
[#151851] Written by: OuZi_98 [27/01/11, 15:27]
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ya no new episode this week
[#151876] Written by: ManchuEmperor [27/01/11, 23:06]
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ouzi, you have all the no reservations? i love that show! do you have avi files or that shitty,
wretched mkv garbage?

i would really enjoy downloading them all as i have quite a collection of the earlier episodes.
[#151886] Written by: OuZi_98 [28/01/11, 02:18]
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they are .avi files, you'd think that they would be easy to find but it took alot of searching to slowly
complete the set. only 4 away from the completing set im only missing the brittany, france/ provence,
france/ harbin, china & techniques special. it keeps getting harder and harder to find the episodes.
also have downloaded most of his audio rip's of his book i just finished medium raw(the audio reading is
also done by anthony so you get full emotional effect of the book) damn good read.
[#152285] Written by: lorenzodcat [02/02/11, 23:29]
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anyone seen so8e08?? i heard there was no episode in the last week of january but that it aired on
wednesday feb 2. does anyone have an update?
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