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   American Horror Story 1x01 (HDTV-FQM)



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[#168333] Written by: [07/10/11, 05:16]
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american horror story follows the harmon family, ben (dylan mcdermott), vivien (connie britton) and
violet (taissa farmiga), who move from boston to los angeles after vivien has a miscarriage and ben has
an affair with one of his students. the family moves to a decrepit mansion, unaware that the once noble
home is haunted. ben and vivien try to rekindle their relationship while violet suffers from depression.
[#168344] Written by: krypter [07/10/11, 07:52]
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what the fu did i just watch 0_0
[#168366] Written by: aroyals [07/10/11, 12:44]
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Quote by krypter
what the fu did i just watch 0_0

the best pilot this year imo

not that that's saying much, but it was still good imo. albeit i am a huge horror/weird fan
[#168489] Written by: mbriedis [09/10/11, 03:21]
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haha, the same reaction for me - what the f? but still, i liked it, waiting for the next ep
[#168535] Written by: hhuevonn [10/10/11, 00:15]
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great pilot! hard to imagine the story lasting though...unless the house becomes the main character
and they have new families taking over every so often.
[#168648] Written by: Xeno360 [11/10/11, 05:17]
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holy hell!!

so weird but so good!

but, i hope everything becomes clear by the end of the season and doesn't turn into one of those "leave
everything to the viewer to guess".
[#168659] Written by: mikey-bizzle-2010 [11/10/11, 08:48]
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yeh that was a pretty weird pilot! i did enjoy and i will keep watching just to find out what the
hell is going on!!
[#168693] Written by: jaysen0011 [11/10/11, 18:57]
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that was so dark, i enjoyed it a lot. good timing too with breaking bad wrapping up

fingers crossed ez' get the hd ups as well.
[#168832] Written by: appleuser [13/10/11, 21:22]
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this is ryan murphy's new show, right?
[#170332] Written by: idigdeep [03/11/11, 06:12]
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great series thanks
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