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   American Horror Story 1x06 (HDTV-ASAP)



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[#170838] Written by: wrecche [09/11/11, 23:56]
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damn i'm so annoyed it's only once a week.

i need to stop watching shows if i like 'em and wait the season.

[#170843] Written by: poppieamanne [10/11/11, 02:20]
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please add to showlist.
[#170846] Written by: NoyBoning [10/11/11, 03:18]
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[#170856] Written by: K4RM4 [10/11/11, 04:26]
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its so hard to stop watching the show and wait for a whole season to finish.

i tried but just wouldnt work :s
[#170857] Written by: xykyz [10/11/11, 05:04]
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Quote by poppieamanne
please add to showlist.

i agree, please, add to showlist.
[#170895] Written by: thumper361966 [10/11/11, 21:35]
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please add american horror story to your show list....it is an amazing show that has a lot of twists and
turns.....just when you think you have what's going on figured out the show throws a curve ball and what
you thought is for not.
[#170906] Written by: vanillacman [11/11/11, 00:05]
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this show is amazing. it blows my mind that ryan murphy went from glee to this. he is amazing and i
think this show will be fx's number one show. i get goosebumps when the beginning credits comes on.
i think this title sequence and the one from the walking dead are my top best.

whats been done on this show is something you wouldn't believe would be on television. but it is and
it makes it all the more popular and strong. i personally think this episodes intro with tate was
the most terrifying intro i have seen on tv. nuff said.
[#170934] Written by: ockraz [11/11/11, 07:15]
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i'm worried that this is going to have the worst aspects of lost. the show really grabs you with
the shock of the unexpected and hints about a grand mystery at the beginning, but the more you find
out about what's really happening, the crazier and dumber it becomes. flashbacks to people's lives
prior to their murders replace flashbacks prior to the crash, the house is the new island, the
rubber man is the polar bear, and the abortionist's frankenstein baby is the smoke monster.

they've already started with the whole purgatory thing.
[#171144] Written by: DALERF [14/11/11, 04:59]
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|please, add to shows list.
[#171218] Written by: idigdeep [14/11/11, 20:53]
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great series thanks
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