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   American Horror Story 1x12 (HDTV-2HD)



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[#173477] Written by: sims937 [22/12/11, 00:26]
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now we have to wait for season 2 but thanks
[#173506] Written by: ockraz [22/12/11, 12:00]
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just started to dl.
given that as of last week
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mcdermott and lange are the only cast members left alive,

i'm anxious to see what direction they're going in.
[#173509] Written by: drewbocop [22/12/11, 14:15]
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well, not sure if you watched it yet, but
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that's about to change.
[#173514] Written by: macdruid [22/12/11, 18:34]
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i don't think there is a direction, reportedly next season will be a whole new location and cast if the
creator(s) stick to it.
[#173523] Written by: appleuser [22/12/11, 22:28]
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yeah, new house, new family for season 2. which sucks as i guess that means no more alex brekenridge :
[#173531] Written by: wrecche [23/12/11, 05:35]
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new house, new cast.

american horror story -- not.

same name, different story.

whatever, you can't fight the writers... half the shit was left untold. still better than lost tho..

disappointed now.

i miss funny big eyed chick, she was pause and google - grab a sock, wipe it up - unpause-able..

meh, wait and see, i guess... but it will not be the same show.. a new show.. so.. lets start it
all again huh.. bleh.

[#173541] Written by: sims937 [23/12/11, 17:57]
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they cant change cast new family cos what about tate's son
[#173560] Written by: Aikousha [24/12/11, 13:10]
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holy! kinda thought it was going to go where it did, but i thought they were going to stretch it across at
least 10 more episodes. loved the ride, though.
however, considering how much territory they covered with the hauntings and murders, going off to a new
story and location almost makes it seem a hurdle too hard to overcome.

well, until season 2 shows up, maybe bedlam's second season will air to tide me over.

however, with the significant lapses in international shows recently on eztv, it might be harder to find and
[#173572] Written by: jdarias [24/12/11, 16:39]
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Quote by appleuser
which sucks as i guess that means no more alex brekenridge


[#173689] Written by: idigdeep [27/12/11, 16:16]
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great series thanks
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